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The Pocket Rocket

Okay, I hope the majority of you have come to the conclusion that every woman needs to own a pocket vibe. If you haven’t, read on. A pocket vibe is portable, completely discreet and packs a punch for such small proportions. It wouldn’t be a big deal if it fell out of your purse or backpack because you can’t quite tell at first glance what the thing really is unless some eagle eye catches the small pocket rocket logo on the side.

The infamous Pocket Rocket … what’s the real story? Doc Johnson puts out this little vibrator that’s just a touch longer than a business card. For those users that are conscious of where their products come from, it’s made in Japan. It takes ONE AA battery and it even comes with a lid for the top. That scores big with me because I carry freaky things in my purse so to have that outwardly hygienic cap makes me feel more comfortable using it. Its simple design makes it easy to use and you could definitely use it in conjunction with other sex toys. Although it’s made of hard plastic, it is not waterproof. The Pocket Rocket is also sturdy - I’ve dropped it quite a few times yet it just kept on going.

The box promises “powerful, quiet, and compact.” I suppose 2 out of 3 ain’t bad.

In terms of power, for a one setting vibration, it provides enough pulsation that you feel it comfortably through a pair of pants. When you use it directly on your skin, it doesn’t feel like it’s gonna burn your clit off. Phew. Myself, I’m rather average when it comes to the need for more hum and I felt that it wasn’t over the top. For those of you who want more of a roller coaster ride, you may want to invest in a stronger multi setting vibe.

Honestly, the “quiet” is a bit of a stretch for a lot of the of vibes out on the market. The noise level of the Pocket Rocket ranks right up there with say, an electric tooth brush or a mustache trimmer. However, in the grand scheme of things, you probably use your best discretion in whatever setting you use your toys but a quiet romantic night with soft music in the background will be drowned out! You may want to save it for when you’re pounding out some tunes.

As I mentioned earlier, the compact factor is the biggest redeeming quality when you’re comparing vibrators. Yes it really does fit in your pocket and it’s quite lightweight even with the battery in it. Vibe experts please excuse my words of wisdom to others that haven’t had the misfortune to have like 20 toys break on them - please don’t keep your batteries in your vibe! The good news for forgetful people like myself is that the Pocket Rocket has a great little “remove your battery” reminder that likely occurred by accident: when you twist it to the off setting, you tend to overslide it which actually opens the vibe to the battery compartment. You’ll pop that battery right out when you’re done.

One last observation: the strong vibe gives you a bit of an uncomfortable sensation on your hand – you’ll get that over-vibrated feeling after a few minutes. I suppose that for a handheld vibrator, this comes with the territory – your best bet would be to hand it off to your partner when you need a break. Otherwise, to mitigate that unpleasant sensation, try holding it on the middle of the vibe body as opposed to the end.

Overall, you definitely get a bang for your buck. The Pocket Rocket is inexpensive when you compare it to the cost of other toys and vibes. It would be a good stocking stuffer or just something you could throw in as part of a gift for one of your friends without getting a little too personal. Don’t forget to get one for yourself first though.

For full prdouct specs, customer reviews, and a price sorted list of online retailers who sell this product, please check out the catalog page for the pocket rocket.