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Ultra Realistic Cock

First and foremost, this is a good looking cock. I know it sounds weird but I think it’s pretty. The realism of Doc Johnson’s 6-inch Ultra Realistic Cock is a turn on. Good detailing on the head, shaft and veins, makes for a very attractive dildo. The material used feels is caressable and feels really good in your hand. There is a vibe built into the shaft of the penis close to the base, and is connected by a thin cord to the battery pack, which requires 2 AA batteries. If you want to suction it to a surface and ride it, it’s got that too.

This is really the best I’ve seen compared to similar functioning realistic dildos featuring a built in vibe – you have an attractive cock with a remote that provides fairly good control of the intensity settings. The Ultra Realistic Cock is rigid and warms to your body temperature. If you want a lifelike dildo then you’ve got it with this one – although it’s almost too perfect to call it lifelike!

It has a large overall size (but you can upgrade to the 8 inch if you need more), a nicely shaped head and is noticeably girthy. It might be too big if you’re not used to something of that size with your partner or if you’re a first timer to toys. Another thing to consider is that some people might feel uncomfortable pulling this out in front of their partner, especially for the first time. Because it is so lifelike, it might threaten or turn a guy off because it feels like there really is a third wheel in bed with you.

The size and material could be a bit of a downfall to the thrusting factor of this toy. Some might consider it too big to thrust too vigorously with and you might find that Nu-Skin dries out rather quickly if you’re using water-based lube and could lead to chafing. On the other hand, the fact that it dries out quickly contributes to how tight your vagina feels around it when you use it. Make sure you have a silicone lube or petroleum based lube to keep it slippery.

The Ultra Realistic Cock is relatively stiff. I know I’m being picky but I think the balls could be a bit softer – I know that this is a toy and there’s only so much you can do but it would add to the realism! However, I do realize that having stiff balls on this toy likely has something to do with providing you something solid to hold onto while you’re masturbating. And I admit, it does provide a good basis for grip.

The fabric picks lint very easily so you have to air dry and make sure that you store it in an airtight container otherwise you’ll have pick off the mini dust stuck to it. Another reason to store it in an airtight is that Nu-Skin does have the potential to develop bacteria and mold. I did a little experiment with the sample of Nu-Skin (shaped like a cute little vagina) Doc Johnson provided for people to touch if the toy was still in its box. It is true: within a about a week of it being exposed to air and humidity (it was in my truck) it did indeed get moldly.

When making your buying decision, you need to consider how you’re going to be using this toy. If you would like something that slides in and out easily and something that you can use with someone else, this might not be it. If you’re after a big, and yes I’ll say it again, pretty cock that provides a decent range of vibration, the Nu-Skin Ultra Realistic Cock is for you!

For full prdouct specs, customer reviews, and a price sorted list of online retailers who sell this product, please check out the catalog page for the Ultra Realistic Cock.