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Wicked Toy’s Ribbed Ruby Penis Vibrator

Although I don’t have much of an eye for noticing details in the construction of a toy, I took one look at the ribbing and got excited. This dong called ‘G spot’ to me and I knew deep down that this was the one I wanted to save for a special occasion.

When I took it out of the box for a rendezvous, the odor hit me like a ton of bricks. We’re not just talking about the usual jelly smell when it first rolls out of the factory – I mean stink! Maybe I just left it in my truck for too long. Nevertheless, it was very unappetizing. After washing it a number of times, it did not seem to disappear. When in doubt, you can always throw on a condom, which is what I did.

Wicked Toy’s Ribbed Ruby Penis Vibrator promises you a multi speed, jelly soft, and uniquely ribbed curved vibrator in a very sexy shade of red. You have the option to use it for dual penetration and the size of the anal portion is great for beginners as well as those people that don’t necessarily want something gigantic in their anus. The battery pack is already wired into the dong and requires 2 AA batteries. A dial controls the settings and I like the shape of the battery pack because of its ergonomic shape. I found that there wasn’t a large range of vibe speeds – although the vibe originates from inside the dong, I would have liked to see that taken into account to produce a stronger range of settings.

The Wicked Dong was quiet, flexible and easy to use. This is an excellent toy for people who want G spot stimulation as well as for those who still aren’t sure where exactly that is. The base of the toy, likely meant for being adhered to a surface, actually allows you a good grip, which gives you more ability to manipulate it into a position that works best for you.

The shape of the dong is excellent! This is a perfect example of an insertable toy that doesn’t have to be huge to be a hit for the ladies. It has a fantastic design that is great for masturbating - it feels like it just gets right up there. Because of the flex in this thing, you can bend it to stimulate your clit while experiencing a gentle buzz. The Wicked Dong can act as a great thrusting toy because its shape isn’t so big that you’d chafe but it’s curve and ribbing can still get you off. I’d say if you haven’t owned a vibrator dildo, this is a better way to go versus your standard hard jelly or plastic, which has less flex to it. This applies even if you don’t necessarily need the dual penetration.

This toy exemplifies the downside of jelly in general and brings up the issue of using soft jelly in your anus. I would highly recommend reading the article Sex Toy Materials in our Sex Toy 101 section prior to using any jelly toy. Because of the nature of the material, it is not recommended to share with a partner, especially if you’re using it in your anus as well. Don’t hesitate to use a condom with any toy that you think might irritate you, particularly if your genitalia is sensitive – just make sure the condoms don’t irritate you either!

In summary, the Ribbed Ruby Penis Vibrator performs extremely well, especially in consideration of the price. The design of the Dong truly is one of my favorites. I would recommend giving the Wicked Dong a try but do go into it knowing the limitations of jelly.

For full prdouct specs, customer reviews, and a price sorted list of online retailers who sell this product, please check out the catalog page for the Ribbed Ruby Penis Vibrator.