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Sex Toys and Health

It’s been known for quite some time that a fulfilled libido can have many great positive benefits for your overall health. Find out what sex toys can enhance your well-being…

You can see them from a mile away. They’ve got a bounce in their step, they reply with serenity, and every once in awhile you can catch them gazing off, radiating with bliss. This is a person who just got laid.

It’s well known that having a healthy sex life feels great! But have you ever heard that sex is actually good for your health? The following article discusses the benefits of sex and how sex toys can enhance your sex life and overall health.

Mind AND Body

Sex is nourishing and inspiring and one of the reasons why your biggest sexual organ is your brain. The point is, sex awakens your mind and enlivens your body. The adrenaline that you experience while you’re having sex, and the euphoria that you revel in afterwards, will impact you physically and mentally. You should take a moment to realize the depth of this amazing experience. The more you can allow yourself to connect with your partner’s mind and body (as well as your own), the more you can benefit from the healthy effects of sex. And if you’re single, use your alone time to connect with yourself more deeply – play with yourself, pick up a fabulous toy, and treat yourself.

On a Bio-chemical Level

Sensory receptors throughout your body transmit messages via hormones and neurotransmitters such as DHEA and ox oxytocin. They are released in your body in response to stimuli such as arousal and excitement. Your body will behave in reaction to these stimuli and act accordingly - there are millions of these reactions constantly taking place and things get activated during a sexual encounter. So, when you’re aroused, you body heat increases, you develop a flush, your pupils dilate, and many parts of your body such as nipples and genitalia get erect … you get the picture.

On a Relationship Level

When you break it down into simple basics, humans need to eat, sleep and be close to one another … the closer, the better. What better way than through an intimate sexual encounter? When you examine the health benefits of keeping up a healthy sex life, you’ll understand that couples that maintain a full and stable sex life, end up staying couples. It has also been reported that partners who maintain a healthy sex life, can actually live longer. Another effect of continuing to have sex is that people report being more satisfied in their lives, relationships and with themselves. And whether it’s the happy people that like to have sex or the people that have sex that end up happy, it doesn’t matter! What would you rather do: hit the gym or hit the sheets? If this is a prescription for health, what are you to argue?

The Role that Sex Toys Play

Toys add such a new flavour to your repertoire and even the addition of something as simple as lube can make a world of difference. When you throw cock rings, vibrators, and dildos into the mix, you really start spicing things up … even if the toys are just for you. It may give you ideas for things you want to try with your partner or it may help you discover sensations you’ve never felt through conventional sex. And if neither partner has ever tried them, you can take the leap together, which is liberating and a turn on. The trick is, keep it light and make it as comfortable and fun as possible for yourself and your partner. Your biggest sexual organ is your brain and you ultimately need to keep it stimulated if you want to feel stimulated.

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