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Sex Toy Materials

From rubber to glass to modern ultra realistic skins, sex toys come in a diverse variety of materials. Learn about the pros and cons of each so that you can best choose the material that is right for you.


This type of material is ultra popular for a number of reasons. Silicone toys are smooth, soft and non-porous. They can reach and maintain body temperature, which makes for a more comfortable sexual experience. Their non-porous nature allows for easy clean up where they can be washed with soap and water or sterilized by being boiled. This is ideal when searching for a toy that can be shared between partners. Silicone toys are high quality, durable, and shareable but you do have to fork out some extra bucks for these sought features.


Firmer than silicone, rubber toys are popular because of their lower cost and versatility. They have the one up on their jelly counterpart because there is less chance to experience that jelly plastic smell. On the other hand, rubber toys are much firmer than jelly, which could often result in a less realistic experience. They’re porous, so no sharing without a condom. Rubber toys may cause allergic reactions due to people’s sensitivity to latex. They’re also known to wear out faster than their silicone or jelly counterparts. The clincher for rubber is cost effectiveness without the stink,


You can imagine stereo casings and plastic containers when you think of plastic toys. The nature of this material is hard and nonflexible. . The advantage however, is that if you like the feel of a strong vibe, plastic is the way to go. Unlike plastic, materials like jelly will absorb some of the vibration, thus mellowing out the vibe you experience. This feature explains why plastic materials more popular as clit teasers rather than as thrusting toy.


This is the next step down from silicone in my opinion of sex toys. Jelly toys are popular because of the advantages they provide for such a low cost such as standard flexibility and pleasure pleasing ability. It may not feel totally real but the squishy factor is decent and if you use a good amount of lube, you are going to enjoy yourself. Jelly toys come in wild colours and you can stock up on a couple of different styles because of their affordability. The other side of the story is that jelly toys can impart varying levels of offensive plastic smells and they are sticky to the touch. They are porous so you can’t share with your partner and you may just want to stick with rinsing them under warm water.


Nu-Skin is a very sexy new material that is proliferating in the sex toy market because of the realism it adds to your toy. It feels soft when you caress it (and definitely not sticky like jelly) and the visual detailing that is achieved because of the nature of the material is impressive. The cost however does reflect it. The other major consideration for nu-skin is the care. You definitely want to be careful, as it is porous, delicate and known to attract lint and dust. Keep it stored in a lint free sock. Follow the same washing instructions suggested for Jelly.

Glass & Acrylic

Glass and Acrylic toys are ultra modern. This type of material allows for easy cleaning and is non-porous which is great for hygienic purposes. The material can be lightweight but it is best for those looking for a firm toy. Lots of lube will definitely add to a slick and sensual experience. The surface is smooth and sleek and is a sex toy that you’ll want people to see on your bed stand.

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