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Sex Toy Care

From Box To Bedroom To Pleasure Chest

As with all things we love, we try to take care of them as best as we can… and your favourite sex toys are no exception. Learn how to show your toys the love they need, so they can love you right back...

Whenever you make the decision to purchase a sex toy, you have high hopes in terms of what you expect of its pleasure output as well as its resilience to regular use. If it’s a great toy, you can rely on its performance when the mood strikes. This article will give you tips on maximizing the performance of your toy and extending its life. These tips in no way intend to replace the recommendations from the manufacturer – it is highly recommended you consult these before using your toy.

Care Checklist

Inspect your toy before you use it

  • When all you want to do is break into the box and jump on it, you need to put on the brakes and check for the following things:
  • Discoloration, tears or damage to any of the components
  • Inspect the battery pack for leaks or corrosion
  • Make sure wires have proper connection with the main body of the toy and check to see whether the unit operates properly when you put in batteries ie) does it turn on, does it have a range of vibe, etc.

Use the right batteries

  • Sex toys are made up of small parts and those parts can burn out easily; running them for a long period of time can contribute to their demise. An overheated toy could be a real mood killer
  • It is a good idea to use the ‘no name’ brand batteries with your toys. Often times, the brand name batteries deliver power that is beyond the capacity of your toy and may short them out over time. The upside of all this is that its cheap … Picking up a few packages of AA’s & AAA’s at the dollar store is convenient, affordable and you’ll always have fresh batteries on hand.

Use the right lube to maximize the performance

  • First of all, toys and lube go hand in hand. Even though you may produce a lot of your own natural lubricant, have a bottle of lube on hand for extended sessions and for smooth and comfortable use
  • Water-based lube is good for practically every type of toy and rinses easily but the downside is that it dries out rather quickly. Try silicone for added staying power but NEVER use silicone-based lube with either nu-skin or silicone toys!! It takes a little extra effort to wash it off but its ability to stay slick is worth it


  • Make sure to check with our featured reviews as well as the manufacturer to see if your toy really is waterproof and what level of water exposure it is capable of handling. Always check that all the components are closed properly and that fresh batteries are put in before each use. NEVER STORE BATTERIES IN THE TOY!

Proper Storage

  • This one is the kicker! To improve your toys lifespan, take batteries out when not in use and keep it in a cool, dark and enclosed place away from pets and children. Why not get a fun box to store them? It’ll be much more appealing and you’re taking pride in the pleasure that your toys give you

Wash your toy after every use

  • I think that most people don’t jump out the sack and wash their toys right after using them but getting on it is a really good habit to get into. It’ll improve your perception as well as your desire to keep using your toy – special things require some special care.
  • You can get away with either rinsing with warm water when you use water-based lubes but the silicone-based toys will require some gentle soap or even specialty toy cleaner
  • Air dry overnight or towel/paper towel dry – check the manufacturers recommendations
  • Remove your batteries before you start washing!

Check for allergies

  • There are hopefully enough types of toys out on the market that can accommodate anyone! From glass to silicone to plastic, it gives people with sensitivities enough options to choose from
  • To be ultra safe, you may want to use condoms with your toy if something makes you feel uncomfortable or if you would prefer to mitigate the chances of exchanging bacteria with your partner if you’re sharing your toy
  • Condoms will also lengthen the life of the toy as latex, jelly, nu-skin and rubber are porous and therefore more difficult to clean thoroughly

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